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Environmental Impact Assessment

Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment for Developmental Planning,
Site Selection Studies for Industrial /urban sectors,
Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Monitoring
  • Provide consultancy services for the baseline environmental monitoring and compliance monitoring to proponent as per national and multilateral policy.
  • Conducting Ambient Air Quality Monitoring for all the 12 parameters set by CPCB for the infrastructure and Industry including NOx, SOx, PM2.5, PM 10, CO, etc.
  • Conducting Stack Air Monitoring
  • Noise, Soil Monitoring
  • Drinking Water, Waste Water, Affluent Water, Leachate Water And Fresh Water Monitoring As Per CPCB, BIS And WHO Standards.
  • Technical and legal support to proponent for environmental monitoring compliance, six monthly environmental compliance and yearly environmental statement report as per EC condition and compliance.
Environmental Modelling

Various statistical-dynamical models are used to simulate the dispersion, transport and chemistry of the atmospheric pollutants based on local weather conditions. These models play important role in Air Quality Management and are useful for simulating the impacts of future development/control measures.

  • Conducting baseline survey
  • Prediction of impacts and impact evaluation
  • Air pollutant modelling - PM, Gaseous and odor
  • Drawing of isopleths
  • Preparation of GIS maps and superimposing the Prediction
Development of Environment Management Plan and
Supervisory and Technical Support

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