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Biodiversity Impact Assessment

We are experienced at delivering terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity, and ecosystem services impact assessments in alignment with legislative requirements, lender compliance. We offer an integrated approach to environmental and social impact assessments, standalone biodiversity assessments and reviews of existing impact assessments for quality assurance and compliance

EIA and Biodiversity Study

Baseline environmental study, prediction of environmental impact, formulation of mitigation measures, design of environmental management plan and estimation of EIA budget, technical backup to client for Environmental Clearance from MoEF &CC /SEIAA.
Taxonomy in resource inventory (flora and fauna) of the project area.
Conducting ecological/wildlife surveys and preparation of status reports for rare, endangered and threatened species of animals and plants and also species protected under national laws and international treaty signed by the country.
Providing guidance and support for conservation of species and their habitats.
Techno-Legal support to proponent to comply India policies, guidelines and legislations related to ecology biodiversity conservation for seeking Forests Clearance and NWLB Clearance.
Provide specialized training for conducting EIA, biodiversity survey, monitoring and conservation and environmental protection.

Ecological And Biodiversity Assessment

Align Consulting Private Pvt Ltd. provides ecological and biodiversity assessment services to evaluate the health assessment and carrying capacity of different ecosystems.

Description of actual services provided within the assignment:

Biodiversity Assessment and Indexing of
Assessment of RET (Rare, endangered/endemic and threatened
High Conservation value forest (HCVF) Assessment
Effects of pollutants on biodiversity
Greenhouse Gas Inventory for using principles of ISO 14064

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